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Animal Game Comodo Dragon Sim
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First Ever Game On Comodo Dragon On App Store. Let’s Play And Have Fun.


First Ever Game On Comodo Dragon On App Store. Let’s Play And Have Fun. Do you like animal games in a fantasy land where animals from all walks of life collide? Have you ever played most feared predators animal games with revenge hunting? Then play combo of both in one best animal simulator game with The Vicious Comodo Dragon Simulator Animal Game 2021.

There are expert or master missions, challenging and fantasy land also. There are various dragons of different countries.You can unlock the Dragons with different prices.The Vicious Komodo dragon comes one of the most feared predators.There are more than one interesting Mode with different in Komodo Dragon Simulator Animal Game 2021 like Career Mode and Free Mode. More than fifteen adventure levels in this game that provided different task e.g find the people in fantasy land and near the bank of beach and then kill them.

The comodo dragon, also known as the Komodo monitor, is a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, India, America, Gili Motang and South Africa.You are bound to feel as if you are dealing with a real Komodo dragon attack in this comodo dragon simulator 2021.

The wild Komodo lizard angry attack will make you feel as if you are the one in power.In this game you play as the deadly comodo dragon looking to slay your victims.

It’s Free to play. Let’s download now animal game commode dragon simulator on store and play as much as you can.Try all Komodo Dragon missions in this game and enjoyed!

Comodo Dragon Simulator Animal Game Features:

– Beautiful 3D Graphics in a Unique Island Environment.

– More than 15 challenging levels of hunting jungle animals

– Dynamic weather

– Simple and smooth controls

– More than 15 Levels

– Realistic animal

– Challenging revenge hunting attack tasks

– Gameplay with realistic animations

– Komodo dragon survival on beach

– Realistic 3D mind blowing graphics

– Various Island Dragons

– Useful Location MAP

– Discounted Shop


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