Detective Mimo – Breaks the 4th wall


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Breaks the 4th wall
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There is a bright shining City hidden in the Kingdom of CAT called Shrimp, an amazing place with luxurious facilities such as Cat Beauty Salon, fish café and MEW Bank.

Shrimp attracts thieves from whole country. The most mysterious and rich palace called MEW bank is the prime target.

One day, a renowned thief proclaimed that he would invade the bank and loot all the gold.

Shrimp needs detective Mimo, a policecat who has guarded the city bravely to stop the crime!

After conquering obstacles and solving puzzles, Mimo finally met the thief, but, to her surprise, the thief told her another story that will change Mimo’s life forever.


[Game Features]

•It contains many puzzles that need you to think outside the box and explore solutions beyond your mobile screen. When you find those solutions, you will experience incredibly satisfying “Aha!” moments.


•It tells a story that breaks the “fourth wall”. As you play Detective Mimo, you will find yourself not only a player, but also part of a larger story. You also need to find clues in the real world.


•Many developing team members like cats. We implant many cat-related memes in the game. Hope you enjoy it.


•It has 2 endings, 2 hidden chapters and many eastern eggs. If you like challenges, try to complete all endings and hidden chapters.



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