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New Car Parking Simulator 2021
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First Release : Enjoy the game 🙂


Too lazy to go and find a driving school, But you still want to learn driving. Maybe from your couch. Okay we are not here to judge. We have a solution.

Introducing Real Car Driving School. Where you get to learn how to drive, Manual and automatic transmission. Traffic rules and their meanings and much more.

Not in a boring book way. In an interesting game which you can play for hours.


Career Mode :

21 Interactive levels. Designed to make you understand how you should follow every traffic sign on the road. Play with ambient traffic and follow all the signs to complete the level

and progress in the game.


Parking Mode :

30 Fun bite sized levels which test your precision in parking cars. Have fun but make sure you don’t hit anyone else’s car.


Infinite Mode :

Infinitely generating terrain with traffic, a high speed fun mode to play. With 4 different weather and environment settings, Winter, Forest, Desert and City. Be careful, crashes will make you lose the level.

Make the highest score and cover the most distance.


Free Roam :

No Rules, Just Drive


Multiplayer :

Play against your friends (or enemies) all over the world.


Learn the signs :

A special mode for leaning what traffic signs mean. You can also take a test to see how well you do.


Vehicles :

A total of 14 Awesome vehicles to choose from, Ranging to classics, to muscle cars and new Sports cars. You will find your dream car here, we have tuned each car to perfection

and unique physics with each vehicles. The sounds, effects and damage are all unique to every vehicle

All cars with functional interiors. So you will have the best experience playing this game


Tuning :

Don’t like the stance of the car, want the suspension dropped, well we got you covered. You can choose what ever you want to do with you car. Drop the front wheels and lift the back

wheels, sure, how about a little camber, yup, offset the wheels to one side, YES, all that and more


Customize :

Now to change the look of the cars.

Car Decals

Car Paint, Rim Paints, Window Tint, Camber Tint



Number Plate

You can change all these at will. Your car, choose how you want it to look.


Disclaimer :

This is a game made for entertainment purposes. It is not a replacement to a driving school. To learn driving you will need to look for the rules in your local district.



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